It is an honor and a great joy to invite:

Céline Gimbrère   &  Alton Wasson

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ALTON WASSON : Authentic Movement as Spiritual Practice
I think of this work as Active Imagination through movement. I experience sensations, feelings, memories, images and the numinous in a process that is more satisfying and challenging to me than any other practice I know. Through this embodiment, the psyche unfolds in its own organic way, at its own pace. This is a spiritual practice which helps integrate body and soul, personal and archetypal, inner and outer, the conscious and the unconscious both in myself and in the people with whom I work. It is a way of creating a more poetic and artful holding of life’s difficulties and life’s bounty.
Alton Wasson graduated from Yale Divinity School (MDiv, STM) and has been a chaplain at Yale, a professor of Religion and Humanistic Psychology at Prescott College, and a faculty member of the Center for Depth Psychology and Jungian Studies. He was introduced to Whitehouse’s work in 1969 by Ed Maupin who presented it as “your own yoga.” In the 70s and 80s he continued exploring this work with Janet Adler and Edith Sullwold. He has published essays in A Moving Journal, Contact Quarterly (Vol. 27/2), and Volume II of Authentic Movement (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007). He taught Contemplative Dance at the first World Somatics Congress. He leads trips honoring the spirit of place in Italy, Greece and on river trips through the Grand Canyon. He has a private practice and consults with corporations and educational institutions on issues of diversity and holistic education. altonwasson.com
CELINE GIMBRERE : The Discipline of Authentic Movement
These five days I woud like to take you into the depth of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, spiritual practice developed by Janet Adler, my teacher in this field (See: “Offering of the Conscious Body, The Discipline of Authentic Movement” :Inner Traditions, 2002).We will dive with concentration in the world of the mover, the moving witness and the silent witness.We will be able to grasp more of the subtlety and precision of the movement and the language that it accompanies. I am looking forward meeting you there in this place of wonder where our body and our consciousness find each other.
Céline Gimbrère has been a dance improvisation teacher since 1976. She has been artistic director of the education Dansexpressie at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam (’92 -‘95). At the Koorenhuis, Centre for Art and Culture, she was active as teacher and choreographer until 2004. She worked as a psycho-social assistant at the International Criminal Court in The Hague at the Victims and Witnesses Unit (’04 -‘11). She is body oriented psychotherapist.Since 2008 she teaches Authentic Movement at the Master Program for dance therapy of Codarts at Rotterdam. In her private studio she receives individuals and small groups interested to practice and study the discipline of Authentic Movement since 1995. In 2006 she published the book Out of Silence in which she speaks poetically of her personal experiences in Authentic Movement.  www.celinegimbrer.nl